Monday, 12 September 2011

The Stitch & Creative Crafts Show

Hi all,

Well lucky me that the show falls on my birthday this year (September 18th). which works well as an excuse to drag the other half around all day to spoil me and carry my bags ;)

I'll be on the look out for the decopatch stall that was there last time where I got some papers quite cheap at only £1 a sheet and loads of variety, much better than looking online too as you see exactly what you're getting.

Now I've started sewing too I cant wait to see what they have to offer for the too...

And don't even get me started on the beads stalls!

Its taking place in Esher at Sandown Park Exhibition Centre this weekend, I went there last year to the show and also for the filming of 'Outside Bet', written by a close friend of my partner (which we're extras in!). The film is out 25th November this year and has a great cast of british actors aswell as fantastic story, so make sure you check it out. Pop over here for more info.

If you fancy popping along to sandown this weekend head over to to purchase your tickets
Use the code PR2 for £2 off each ticket

See you there !

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tags & Branding

Hi all,

In preparation for my up coming stall I've been thinking of ways to display my items more effectively. I've come up with a few tags for my necklaces and bracelets that I'm really happy with that were so simple to make but look really professional.

They are double sided too which leaves loads of room for contact info even with a photograph, and they work as business cards too! Best thing is they can be laid out on a table the way they are and still look good without having to use any bulky display units. I've included a template for anyone that wants to have a go making their own too, just make sure you share them here and credit me.

New wrapping and labels are also now here for my lovely online customers, so you should receive little wrapped packages with pretty stickers on like this one;

How cute are these labels!? I chose them because the picture reminded me of my little kitty Thomas attacking my bead stash... bless. They are TINY, at just 38.1mm x 21.2mm but they are still really clear and well made. You can purchase some for yourself on Skarlett Noire's ebay shop here or visit them on facebook.

If you fancy having ago at making your own product tags you can download my template here but please remember to link back to where you got the template!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hi all,

I'm loving all the zombie pics you've been posting on facebook in the build up to halloween, so heres mine which I made a couple of years ago....

Well here's me! Not from an app but from hours slaving away on photoshop (yes hours!).
The original is extremely high res so the details had to be perfect for me.
I found various stock macabre images from the web, cut & feathered them, mapped and blended them to my skin to make it look as authentic as possible. I went for more of a phantom-zombie style so have the bones faded in the skin which was all recoloured.
I did leave myself the one eye thou which I made extra pretty with big eye lashes! I added the creepy background too, my front room doesn't look like a spooky woods trust me!

I can make these and other photo manipulations for anyone that's interested, all I need is a clear high resolution photo! Manipulations will start at £10 each depending on what your specifications are, prints will be extra.

Check out more of my art work on my Deviant Art.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Christmas is coming...

Hi all,

I've been trying to fight it but everywhere I look people are advertising Christmas stuff! This has been going on since June, crazy!
So I've given in and started on a couple of pieces for a secret swap I'm participating in over at Craft swap on facebook.

They're rather nice actually, even without names they look sparkly :)
I know I'm gunna quite a few of these dominating the tree myself this year

The ones pictured here use 8mm acrylic bicone beads but I think I will use 6mm from now on so more will fit on an arm and the ends will have bigger hoops.

You can pre-order these from me now for just £3 each or 2 for £5 including any personalisations you want to add!

To place order post on my facebook wall or send me an email on .

Scrap Booking

Hi all,

I got a random text last night inviting me to be a stall holder at a ladies night! Pretty exciting.. more exciting than the football I was made to endure anyway....
But I was thinking as alot of my items are personalised they won't get to see what else I have to offer.... *brain wave*

I've wanted to make up a 'catalogue' for quite a while with all my extra bits and pieces in for when I do fayres and stalls so this has given me the kick I needed, especially with Christmas approaching alot faster than I hoped.
After trawling the internet I found the most awesome scrapbooking app, its all web based and free! I have photo shop at home but I'm at work all day so I wouldn't have time to make these otherwise.

All of these were pretty much based around the same template. The application has loads of embellishments you can customize with size and colour, different style frames, photo effects and loads more! Did I mention its free?

Here's the first lot of my creations for the photo items section, I LOVE how these have turned out and they were sooooo easy to make aswell. I will cut this post short here as I'm excited to get on with my next set :D
I'd love to hear what you crafty people think and if you fancy having a go yourself pop over to My Scrapnook.

Make sure you pop back and show me what you've made!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Custom Charms

Hi all,

I posted these on my facebook page earlier today, they are the first DS sticks to have custom charms made by moi!
They are currently on sale at £1.80 each, 3 for £5 or 8 for £10 and they made fab stocking fillers for the kids, not to mention the arguments they prevent!
Custom Charms are £1 extra but I also have a large collection of charms that are included in the price, pop over to the facebook album for more info and pictures.

My first Bag! (well... second!)

Hi all,

as promised here is the first preview of *non jewellery* craftiness. I found a pattern online for this basic bag but it didn't really fit what I like in a bag, I like my bags BIG! So here's mine, over double the size and with a few more alterations.

I drew this pattern out myself (based on the one I found) which probably took longer than sewing the bag!
The fabric for the outside I got at a fantastic price at the weekend and I got the last of the roll too so theres loads left. The lining is left over fabric from a pretty vintage tier dress I made last week (may add a tut soon!).

The bag has a magnetic clasp fastening, works great, I think I may add a full zip next time as a personal choice. For a bag this size one clasp in the middle makes it feel abit exposed to me,
although to be fair it doesn't open when in use.

As I was feeling abit *daring* I decided to add a zipped pocket too, which is actually alot easier than I first thought. There aren't many good
tutorials online but with a combination of a few I got there in the end. I was also tempted to add a compartment pocket to the other side of the bag
but decided against in the end... maybe next time.

I finished it all off with a lovely long strap sewed on with a cross square so it hangs just by my hips, which probably isn't that long considering I'm only 5` 2" . I have enough of the lining fabric left that I might make a purse or make up bag to match, which will again require pattern drawing.. arggh!

Not bad for a first attempt aye? I just think it needs a little something to set it off, so I might have a rummage through my button tin and make a few flower brooches to make it pop!

I'm thinking about selling these aswell as other designs, I've seen these sell for up to £20! Mine will probably be £12 - £15 depending on fabrics.
Would love to hear what you think of this one .

Monday, 5 September 2011

Changes are coming!

Hi all,
some of you will know me from my facebook page (the whole reason for this blog!), and hopefully I will meet a few new faces here too :).

I'll be posting alot more here now than the webpage so please subscribe to keep in the loop! Also check out the facebook page if you haven't already as I spend waaay too much time on there.
Competitions and give aways will also be hosted here from October rather than the website to make things a little more simple!

I plan to post some sneak peeks of items I'm working on, tutorials and general rants for your reading pleasure... You will also notice alot of non-jewellery items making there way on here very soon

Thanks for reading!