Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My first Bag! (well... second!)

Hi all,

as promised here is the first preview of *non jewellery* craftiness. I found a pattern online for this basic bag but it didn't really fit what I like in a bag, I like my bags BIG! So here's mine, over double the size and with a few more alterations.

I drew this pattern out myself (based on the one I found) which probably took longer than sewing the bag!
The fabric for the outside I got at a fantastic price at the weekend and I got the last of the roll too so theres loads left. The lining is left over fabric from a pretty vintage tier dress I made last week (may add a tut soon!).

The bag has a magnetic clasp fastening, works great, I think I may add a full zip next time as a personal choice. For a bag this size one clasp in the middle makes it feel abit exposed to me,
although to be fair it doesn't open when in use.

As I was feeling abit *daring* I decided to add a zipped pocket too, which is actually alot easier than I first thought. There aren't many good
tutorials online but with a combination of a few I got there in the end. I was also tempted to add a compartment pocket to the other side of the bag
but decided against in the end... maybe next time.

I finished it all off with a lovely long strap sewed on with a cross square so it hangs just by my hips, which probably isn't that long considering I'm only 5` 2" . I have enough of the lining fabric left that I might make a purse or make up bag to match, which will again require pattern drawing.. arggh!

Not bad for a first attempt aye? I just think it needs a little something to set it off, so I might have a rummage through my button tin and make a few flower brooches to make it pop!

I'm thinking about selling these aswell as other designs, I've seen these sell for up to £20! Mine will probably be £12 - £15 depending on fabrics.
Would love to hear what you think of this one .


  1. Had no idea you could sew - this is excellent!!

  2. Thanks Jasmin :)
    I've only been sewing a few months, learning as I go x