Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Custom Charms

Hi all,

I posted these on my facebook page earlier today, they are the first DS sticks to have custom charms made by moi!
They are currently on sale at £1.80 each, 3 for £5 or 8 for £10 and they made fab stocking fillers for the kids, not to mention the arguments they prevent!
Custom Charms are £1 extra but I also have a large collection of charms that are included in the price, pop over to the facebook album for more info and pictures.


  1. Hi Kristina

    Beautiful blog!!

    I seen the comment you left on my blog and jumped over here to have a look at your lovely blog..

    You are more then welcome to use any of my items on your blog....

    Love the charms they are just lovely...Just added myself as a follower to keep up with your beautiful work..

    Have a great day..


  2. Thanks for stopping by Diana,
    I'm sure I will be back over to your blog soon :) x