Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Scrap Booking

Hi all,

I got a random text last night inviting me to be a stall holder at a ladies night! Pretty exciting.. more exciting than the football I was made to endure anyway....
But I was thinking as alot of my items are personalised they won't get to see what else I have to offer.... *brain wave*

I've wanted to make up a 'catalogue' for quite a while with all my extra bits and pieces in for when I do fayres and stalls so this has given me the kick I needed, especially with Christmas approaching alot faster than I hoped.
After trawling the internet I found the most awesome scrapbooking app, its all web based and free! I have photo shop at home but I'm at work all day so I wouldn't have time to make these otherwise.

All of these were pretty much based around the same template. The application has loads of embellishments you can customize with size and colour, different style frames, photo effects and loads more! Did I mention its free?

Here's the first lot of my creations for the photo items section, I LOVE how these have turned out and they were sooooo easy to make aswell. I will cut this post short here as I'm excited to get on with my next set :D
I'd love to hear what you crafty people think and if you fancy having a go yourself pop over to My Scrapnook.

Make sure you pop back and show me what you've made!