Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hi all,

I'm loving all the zombie pics you've been posting on facebook in the build up to halloween, so heres mine which I made a couple of years ago....

Well here's me! Not from an app but from hours slaving away on photoshop (yes hours!).
The original is extremely high res so the details had to be perfect for me.
I found various stock macabre images from the web, cut & feathered them, mapped and blended them to my skin to make it look as authentic as possible. I went for more of a phantom-zombie style so have the bones faded in the skin which was all recoloured.
I did leave myself the one eye thou which I made extra pretty with big eye lashes! I added the creepy background too, my front room doesn't look like a spooky woods trust me!

I can make these and other photo manipulations for anyone that's interested, all I need is a clear high resolution photo! Manipulations will start at £10 each depending on what your specifications are, prints will be extra.

Check out more of my art work on my Deviant Art.

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