Friday, 9 September 2011

Tags & Branding

Hi all,

In preparation for my up coming stall I've been thinking of ways to display my items more effectively. I've come up with a few tags for my necklaces and bracelets that I'm really happy with that were so simple to make but look really professional.

They are double sided too which leaves loads of room for contact info even with a photograph, and they work as business cards too! Best thing is they can be laid out on a table the way they are and still look good without having to use any bulky display units. I've included a template for anyone that wants to have a go making their own too, just make sure you share them here and credit me.

New wrapping and labels are also now here for my lovely online customers, so you should receive little wrapped packages with pretty stickers on like this one;

How cute are these labels!? I chose them because the picture reminded me of my little kitty Thomas attacking my bead stash... bless. They are TINY, at just 38.1mm x 21.2mm but they are still really clear and well made. You can purchase some for yourself on Skarlett Noire's ebay shop here or visit them on facebook.

If you fancy having ago at making your own product tags you can download my template here but please remember to link back to where you got the template!


  1. I love the tags you made for your jewelry. I am in need of tags so I think I will try this, great idea. Do you also put the price on the tag?

  2. Thank you Ruth, I write the price on the back of the tags if they are priced individually, if they're in a set I just made a label for the table. Happy crafting x

  3. For necklaces at shows, I've tried cards with holes punched in them, which works OK, but I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I used to do that too! Was a good way to make sure people remember where they bought their items from and had all your contact info on there like these do x